CU CS Apt Repository

This is the APT package repository for the University of Colorado Computer Science Department. The repository currently hosts Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) packages. For more information, or to request additional packages, contact "andy.sayler AT <the relevant state>.edu".

Package source:

Adding the CU CS Repository

Note: This repository is already enabled on the CU CS SDE VM.

Download the cu-cs-apt package:

    $ wget

Install the cu-cs-apt package:

    $ sudo dpkg -i cu-cs-apt.deb

Refresh your package index:

    $ sudo apt-get update

Finding CU CS Packages

All of the CU CS packages start with "cu-cs-...". Use apt-get's auto-complete functionality to view the full list of available packages.

Alternatively, use the apt-cache command to search for all "cu-cs" packages:

    $ apt-cache search ^cu-cs

Installing CU CS Packages

To install a CU CS package, run:

    $ sudo apt-get install <package-name>

Removing the CU CS Repository

Note: This will most likely cause all installed cu-cs packages to be removed as well.

To remove the CU CS repository from your system, run:

    $ sudo apt-get remove cu-cs-apt

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